Computer Maintenance

                        Maintenance is an important aspect in keep your system running up to date and in optimal capacity. Without maintenance you system will not function properly and could go down in critical situations. To avoid costly downtime, let Zitacomp provide regularly scheduled maintenance for your computers and system to keep everything running at peak efficiency. Whether you purchased the equipment from us, or other sources, we can help your system stay in top shape and working order. Zitacomp provides maintenance so that we can diagnose many problems early and fix it. Computer maintenance can be divided into two main parts:

Hardware maintenance

Hardware maintenance is those items that are related to physical parts in a system like hard drive, motherboard, processors etc.  We provide hardware maintenance package for desktop and laptop computers, monitors, printers, UPS, photocopy machines and other various computer related products. We respond when there is a problem in the computer, and the call comes in. Also, we have two scheduled visits regardless of problem occurrence to catch problem beforehand and troubleshoot it. We also do maintenance in an individual basis and the price will depend on the complexity and problem of that item. All parts that are required during maintenance are charged extra. We offer this package in individual, monthly and yearly contract basis.

Software Maintenance

We offer software maintenance package for computers and network. This package offers virus installation and updates, virus definitions updates, software updates and solutions of other software and network related issues. We have a scheduled visit twice a month regardless of issues. We also respond in an accelerated manner once we receive a call regarding problems.  We offer this package in individual, monthly and yearly contract basis.

Total Maintenance

We offer total maintenance package that encompasses both hardware and software. With this package you do not need to worry about any computer issues. We can also include backup coverage in this package. We offer this package in individual, monthly and yearly contract basis. We have a terrific service plan that provides pro-active, on-site maintenance. If your firm agrees to commit to a few hours of consulting hours per month, we will give you on-site support at a discounted rate. We will also prepare a customized logbook with a Maintenance Log Schedule of preventative maintenance services we will perform. Tasks Provided with Plan * Verify Virus Protection Software * Setup/Verify Scheduled Scandisk and Defrag * Identify and Install Hardware Driver Updates/Patches * Catalog software and hardware * Optimize OS * Verify stability of workstations * Clean Install on PCs * Identify and Install application software upgrades * Install Windows update files/patches * Suggest/implement system configuration improvements * Verify integrity of Server Backups. Review server logs * Disaster Recovery CDs for Server * Clean Printers and Computer This program is a proven, money-saver by reducing downtime and keeping your network healthy and your staff happy. If something should go wrong, call us. Your computer emergencies are given priority attention. Viruses are a concern for every business. Let Zitacomp enable a workstation solution or a network-wide solution to protect your entire system.

UPS, Printers, Photocopy Machine Maintenance

We have package for maintenance of UPS, printers and photocopy machine in individual, monthly and yearly packages. Any other computer related product maintenance that is required by any company can be negotiated according to needs and requirement.

Backup and Recovery

A backup service is a great way for a business to make sure that their information is backed up on a regular basis. Businesses can lose their precious data through any number of different means, including fire, theft, disk failure, virus infection and more. The most common of all causes of data loss has to do with user error. It is possible for even the most experienced of all computer users to accidentally delete an important file on the computer. All it takes is a simple move of the cursor when someone is pushing delete and a file can be selected for deletion that was not meant to be. This happens thousands of times a day in companies all across the nation. Zitacomp provides backup solutions to businesses and can recommend the needed hardware, software or other services that will provide accurate data recovery in case of loss.

Remote Access

Remote access can be used for many different things. Employees may need to work from home or obtain files from your network after hours. Setting up remote access allows employees to work from home or the road while traveling. Remote Access can also allow you to connect two different business locations thereby allowing employees to collaborate and have meetings from different locations!


Network Design and Support

In computers terms, networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for sharing data. Networks are built with a mix of computer hardware and software. Networking is a way to connect to the Internet, printers, and other computers in your home office. A network lets you effortlessly transfer files, pictures, music and information — without using a disk or burning a CD. It also enables everyone in your office to share one broadband Internet connection, one printer; one scanner… the list goes on and on. Networking is smart, efficient and cost effective. And it’s easier than you think. Networking enables people within your business to work with each other and with other people in other locations and other businesses. Networking enables contact in entirely new ways and entirely new levels, across the office and right around the world. When your business is networked, no one is ever very far away There are three kinds of networks:

  • LANs (Local Area Networks): LANs make it possible for everyone in your office to share a printer, for example. With the right software, they can also share files, work on projects together, send instant messages and e-mail messages simultaneously. It’s simply a small network. All you need is cable. With wireless LANs, you don’t even need cable.
  • WANs (Wide Area Networks): WANs are big LANs. They connect multiple LANs together, usually over large distances
  • The Internet: The Internet is the world’s biggest network. It is a global collection of LANs and WANs, connected to facilitate the sharing of resources. Intranets are simply special private connections maintained across the Internet.

If the network is wireless-enabled, desktop computers can be set up where they’re convenient in the home office, not just where there happens to be a wire. And laptop computer users are free to roam almost anywhere in, or around, the network — without losing their connection. In short, a network is convenient and it can save you money. A secure and integrated computer network is vital to today’s business. At Zitacomp we can work with you to make the most of existing equipment as well as integration of new technology into your current environment. Our network engineers can provide a wide range of network services to meet your needs like design and implementation, Internet access sharing, data wiring etc. Zitacomp offers a complete solution to your needs whether you are expanding your existing network or installing a new one. Our engineers are trained to work with you through all aspects of the design, installation, analysis, and configuration of your network. Whether working with a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) we can design a plan to meet your needs for system configuration changes, network tuning, connectivity to a new site, or any other aspect of system design. The solutions begin with a brief evaluation of current situations and involve discussions of where you want the future to be. We focus on achieving your strategic business objectives utilizing the right technologies in order to increase your productivity. A data network is the backbone of your business’ connectivity to your customers and coworkers. Based on its importance it is vital to choose wisely when installing or upgrading your companies wiring. Computer network wiring many times is the bottleneck of the network server. No matter how fast your equipment is the data must still travel over network lines before it can be utilized. Whether you are upgrading your exiting network wiring, installing a new high-speed data network, or linking multiple offices, let Zitacomp design and implement all of your data wiring needs. All data networks installed by Zitacomp are guaranteed and are accompanied with verification of each wire.  What can Zitacomp do for you?             We install cabling, computers, network interface cards, network software, and applications. We are experienced with all versions of Windows, Windows Server, and Netware. Installing your network is only part of the networking services we offer. Once your system is up and running, our network specialists will train you and your staff to be self-sufficient in managing it. Zitacomp can provide all your voice and data cabling needs. Zitacomp designs and installs LAN cable systems and support equipment for PC networks, mainframes and mini computer systems.

  • From single drops of cable, to 800 drops or more
  • From the small business environment, to the large corporate campus
  • Installation per clients specifications or custom designed by Zitacomp

Our network engineers can provide a wide range of network services to meet your needs:

  • Design and Implementation
  • Security
  • Internet Access sharing Data Wiring
  • Office Relocations
  • Remote Acces